How To Select The Right Mascara For You?

Like every other part of your body, eyelashes also differ from one another. The good news here is that all mascaras are not the same. The quest for finding the right mascara that will give your lashes the thick, super long, and full look might feel like an unimaginable task but in really it isn’t.

When you get hold of the right mascara your whole look can change. It is as important as finding the right moisturizer suited for your skin. Trust us when we tell you that the application of mascara has the power to make or break your look. The different size and shape of eyelashes pick up a different amount of product. The density of the bristles and the flexibility of the wand varies too. So, which one to pick?

The thickness of the mascara wand

If you want more volume than look for mascara wands that have thicker and bigger wand. The best brush that will be able to do that is the one that has a lot of densely packed bristles. Larger the brush more will be the product that it will pick up. This will add volume even to the finest and the shortest lash.

What do the thin mascara wands do?

If you are just looking to extend the length of the eyelashes, then a thin mascara wand will suit your needs. It will coat your entire eyelash from the root straight to the tip.

Have you heard about the curved mascaras in the market?

A slight bend in the mascara wand will ensure complete coverage. Add drama and beauty to your look with one easy and swift motion.

Do you have long lashes?

You need to pick up a curling brush and formula that will enhance the look and length of your eyelashes. Use a mascara to comb the lashes to the side. This will create the perfect cat eye look. You should concentrate the mascara on the outer lashes. Give it a feline flick by pulling them up and out.

Don’t worry about your short and stumpy lashes 

A skinny mascara wand is perfect for adding volume to your short lashes. They will capture each and every lash by adding extra drama and style to it.

What to do when you want more fullness?

A mascara wand that has more volume towards the base and is thin at the tip must be the one you choose for separation and fullness. The small end of these brushes will get cover all the lashes and the wide end will help to add the dramatic look.

Add a uniform finish 

The hourglass shaped mascara wands are perfect for a uniform finish on your eyelashes. They work better than the traditional ones and make the task of applying several layers of mascara very easy.

Now is the time to enjoy oversized, defined, and intense lashes without having disastrous encounters with your mascara. But the right kind of mascara to enjoy the look you crave.

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