How To Choose Eyeshadow Palettes And How To Use It?

An eyeshadow palette is no less than treasure box for a woman. The appeal it has is extremely overwhelming and it practically reduces a lot of clutter. However, women end up picking the wrong palettes.

Allow us to help you pick an eyeshadow palette that will be useful to you. Keep in mind all of these points before you buy an eyeshadow palette.

  • You need to get a range

Don’t ever make the mistake of buying an eyeshadow that has one amazing shade. An eyeshadow palette is a blend of textures and colors that complement one another. It should be a great combination of dark, light, shimmer, and neutral shade.

  • Master the basics

You need to have the basic shades in your palette. The shades that are mostly used are smoky and nude. In order to excel the nude look, you need taupe, brown, champagne, and beige colors. If you want the trending smoky look then make sure the eyeshadow palette has a shimmery highlighter along with gray and black shade.

You should also pick out colors that bring out the beauty of your eyes. The purple shade will highlight your attractive green eyes, brown eyes look magnificent with the touch of warm grays or teals.

Blue eyes will strike thunder with a little gold and copper eyeshadow.

  • Create layers

Never choose an eyeshadow palette that has only dark or light shades. You need to have a perfect balance of both. Apply a bold shade closer to the eyelids and blend it upwards to form a neutral color. You can even use the matte shade to create a distinctive look for your eyebrows and the corner of your eyes. Did you know eyeshadows can work as an eyeliner?

How to use an eyeshadow palette?

Now, that you know the right way to pick an eyeshadow palette it is important to understand how you should use it.

Where should you apply which shade?

When it comes to eye makeup then the inner corner and the brow bone are the ultimate areas for highlighting. What does that mean? Apply champagne, light whites, and reflective shades here. This will lighten and brighten the look of your eyes.

What about the medium shades?

If you want to add a little depth and dimension to your look then you have to apply the medium shade on the crease. Sweep it over with a cool toned or warm color. Once that is done blend it well with the harsh like.

Deep shades and the outer V.

The outer V is the outermost corner that is the furthest from your nose. Add the deep shade from your eyeshadow here. It will add a glamorous look to your eyes.

Lash Line

This is that part of your eye that will work perfectly with every shade. Swipe a layer of bright shade to add some color to your face.

It is time to draw attention to your magnificent eyes by using eyeshadow the right away.

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