The Top 7 Men’s Grooming Luxury Products To Buy in 2019

Gone are the days when skincare was only meant to be a girly thing. Men of the present generation understand the essence of skincare and the importance of maintaining a daily grooming routine in order to feel fresh and appear attractive. All kinds of grooming luxury products are nowadays available for various parts of the men’s body most commonly feet, hands, face as well as hair. After products concerning the above earbuds, razors and toothpaste adorn the average cabinet of a bathroom.

The gradual change in men’s grooming

To be fair men’s grooming products are undergoing a treatment themselves and that too a luxury treatment. Men are just not satisfied nowadays with shampoos and facewashes. They have turned entirely towards a new range of grooming products that can be termed as luxurious. For instance, face moisturisers, hair pomades anti-wrinkle cream and bodywashes have become staple objects in the bathroom cabinets of a large group of men. This change in the trend of men’s grooming has brought about a surge of newer luxury grooming products in the market of men’s grooming. Tons and tons of products are being introduced everyday into the market and as a result the extent of confusion is gradually increasing among the men. They often end up going for the wrong products which fail to deliver what they most unabashedly promise. That is why it is essential for the modern men to learn about the top men’s grooming products available in the market and what are the key aspects that must be looked into before buying luxury grooming products in 2018.

Essential tips that come in handy when buying luxury men’s grooming products

Shopping grooming products for men isn’t at all an easy task. You will get the drift of it when you see the number of luxury brands selling grooming products for men. Before you get distracted by all the fancy brand names and their non-fancy prices take a look at the key aspects that must be considered when buying men’s grooming products.

  • Choose your brands wisely: Your choice of brand determines your quality of grooming. Every brand has a quality of their own. You as a user should be able to distinguish them properly and choose the one that suits you perfectly. There are hundreds of men’s luxury grooming brand and each one of them offers a variety of products for men’ grooming. Choose them wisely.
  • Know what you need: Do not indulge in buying products just for the sake of owning it. There is a slight tendency in men in owning luxury grooming products which seldom end up getting used. Never do such a thing as it is a waste of money as well as waste of the quality product. Learn beforehand what you specifically need and then buy only that.
  • Don’t fall for extravagant commercials: A number of luxury brands market their products extravagantly. Most of those products fall short of their expectations. They promise a lot and end up delivering much less. Never go with such brands just because their commercials are quite attractive or your favourite movie star endorses it. Choose the products after using it or if they are recommended by someone you really trust.
  • Try to buy sets of products: Often sets of grooming products provides quite a bit of savings if you buy a pack of them instead of the individual products. For instance a shaving kit, a shower set etc have large discounts associated with them and can cost a lot less than each individual product combined. Luxury products aren’t quite pocket friendly so you must look forward to discounts and savings.

Top 7 luxury products for men’s grooming.

The products listed below were designed keeping in mind the quality and style quotient that the modern men aspire of. Both the ingredients as well as the packaging are top class and most of the products are quite extravagant in their worldwide appeal as well as utility.

1. Perricone MD Face Finishing Moisturizer

When we think of men’s grooming the first thing we think of is shaving. What would a man be without a proper shaver. That is why this the first grooming friend for a man is the Panasonic shaver. It is one of the closest shavers from the house of Panasonic as well as in the market. It features convex foils along with blades which gently nestle into your skin. Its triple blade action shaving combined with the pivoting head provides a great level of comfort while giving you a quality shave every time. It rock back and forth and covers every inch of your skin so that the blades form to every contour of your face.


    • The cartridge lasts very long providing you a quality shaving power while keeping the blade lubricated.
    • The Nanotech blades are arced and micro polished so that you get a close shave.
    • Equipped with a 13000 rpm linear motor which is one of the fastest in the market.
  • The head is adjustable and can pivot.


    • Might be too loud for one’s liking
  • Replacement of the blades can cost you a lot.

2. Oral-B Pro 5000 smartseries Electric Toothbrush

Now after you have taken care of your facial hairs its time to look into your teeth. Not only is having clean and white a health mandate but also it is essential in order to make you look good. A vital part of men’s grooming is keeping your teeth clean and healthy. That is why an electric toothbrush must be one of your luxury grooming products.


    • Bluettoth connection which allows communication between brush and your smartphone in order to collect brushing habits feedback which helps in effective screening.
    • Brush head contains floss action round head with micropulse bristle.
  • 3D cleaning which rotates, oscillates and also pulsates in order to break up formation of plaque.


  • Problem concerning brush mode change

3. Polo Blue Aftershave

The Aftershave is something men frequently applies and it also provides them one area to be unique. The choice of aftershaves separates men from gentlemen and therefore it must be choses wisely. A rich aristocratic aftershave will not only provide a clean sleek look for your face but will also freshen up your facial skin and make you look more energetic.


    • Pack of 6 which allows you to use it whenever you wish
    • Intense smell.
    • Long lasting
    • Comes in smell of Amber, melon,
  • geranium and Patchouli


  • Incredibly high priced

4. Garnier Body Tonic sugar scrub

A body scrub works as a muscle relaxer for men who feel sore after a tiring week of work. This scrub offers 3 vital actions of scrubing, soaking and moisturizing which smoothens the men’s skin and softens it to a large extent thereby relaxing your body muscles and providing you a heavenly experience. This one can easily become your favourite among the men’s luxury grooming range.


    • Dermatologically tested sugar scrub that exfoliates and smoothens the skin
    • Contains unique mixture of sugar and fruit minerals and exfoliating particles
    • Fine quality ingredients for effective results
  • Comes in a pack of 6


  • Not exactly a con but men doesn’t prefer scrubing that much. Not the products fault though.

5. Brickell’s men revitalizing anti-ageing cream for men.

With age the number of pores on men’s skin multiplies and in due it causes soreness, redness and wrinkling of the skin. Therefore an anti-ageing cream is a must for men’s grooming especially for middle aged men. This cream eliminates formation of wrinkles, crow’s feet and lines therefore making you appear younger and vibrant. Men having dry and sensitive skin will derive more benefits from this cream.


    • Contains organic and natural certified ingredients such as DMAE, MSM, Aloe vera, green tea and hyaluronic acid.
    • Can be used extensively, devoid of any side effects.
  • Absorbs quickly making the men’s skin firm and tighter.


  • Takes a little time for results to be apparent.

6. GENEVA face moisturiser with SPF.

Men need to got outdoors and many have to work outdoors as well. For all the sportsman and persons who have to brave the sun each day an SPF cream is one of his best friends. You need a good SPF to prevent sun damage to your skin. This moisturiser with SPF is just the thing you need.


    • One of the world’s best SPF 20 formula
    • Contains anti-ageing ingredients as well.
    • Contains natural ingrdients
  • Protects from UVA and UVB rays.


  • Skin becomes a bit dry hours after usage.

7. Hair Gunk for men

A hair pomade is the newest grooming product to have become a regular in the men’s bathroom cabinet. The modern men worry a lot about their hair and hairstyles and hence a good hair gunk is badly required.


    • Medium hold gunk for a ready look.
    • Lasts throughout the day
  • Provides a rough and erratic texture


  • A bit highly priced


The modern world are full of men who care a lot about their look. That is why men’s grooming has received a lot of attention in the current market. The above luxury products are one of the best of their kind. Use them and feel more of a gentleman than you already are.

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